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Neighbours tree roots are in my pipes.

It can be quite frustrating when your neighbour has a beautiful big tree and its roots are growing under the fence between you and feasting in your sewer pipes.

In the interest of neighbourly relations it is very important to speak to the neighbours and work out a compromise on the control of the tree and its root system.

Vaporooter is a simple and effective way to stop tree roots in drains and control this persistent problem because the tree roots will grow back after you cut them. Its just what trees do!
If your neighbours trees are blocking your pipes, they may be blocking the sewer pipes of neighbours all around you.

Why not ask them if they’re affected and together work on a simple and cost effective drain maintenance strategy like Vaporooter.

Remember the Guarantee!

If you have a blocked drain caused by tree roots after we apply Vaporooter,
we will clear your blockage for FREE!

Contact me for a copy of our Vaporooter Home Owners Guide to Tree Root control.

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