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How can Vaporooter help save time and money?

Vaporooter eradicates tree roots in drains, while inhibiting their future re-growth.

The cost saving is significant.

The Vaporooter process provides a simple Guarantee

“If your drains, treated with Vaporooter, have a blockage caused by tree roots, We will clear the blockage for FREE”

3 reasons to use Vaporooter

Hunter Dance, Business development manager at Douglas Chemicals, the manufacturer of Sanafoam Vaporooter II, gives 3 reasons to use Vaporooter

Great advice Hunter!

If you want to find out if Vaporooter will help you Stop tree roots in Drains
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Did You Know about neighbours trees in your pipes

Did you know the number of “over the fence” disputes between neighbours about tree roots in sewer pipes is multiplying.
Yep, as suburban trees mature they go in search of moisture and nutrients in neighbouring properties sewer pipes, so the root systems spread in every direction in their search for sustenance.
Many homeowners without a single tree on their property will have blocked sewer pipes caused by tree roots from their neighbours trees, sometimes 2 or more houses away.
Vaporooter is a cost effective way to stop your neighbours tree roots in your sewer pipes!

Did You Know about Council Tree Roots in Drains?

Did you know most local Councils don’t have the financial resources $$$ to keep clearing tree roots from their ratepayers drains, without a rate increase.
That’s a fact!
The cost of having Council staff or plumbing contractors to keep cutting the tree roots from blocked drains is growing, along with the tree roots.
The only cost effective way to maintain sewer pipes and stop tree roots in drains is with Vaporooter.

Vaporooter Kills Roots. Period! #15

How much does Vaporooter cost?

By now you know that Vaporooter delivers results that are unmatched by any other method of tree root control in sewer pipes and you want to try it but 1 question remains.

How much does it cost?

So, with  your sewer service diagram and a good knowledge of your  property, measure the length of sewer pipeline from top to bottom, including the branch lines and add up the metres

Branch lines that run to all plumbing fixtures like your WCs, toilets, showers, baths, basins, kitchen sinks and laundry tubs.

Confirm the size of the pipeline. Most domestic pipelines are either 100mm (4″) or 150mm (6″). The sewer service diagram will help you establish the pipe size.
Water authorities and councils have larger pipelines and may vary in cost

No matter where you are in Australia call us on 1800 637 600  for a cost estimate.


Vaporooter has a Guarantee! Homeowner tells.

Some companies offer a Guarantee on their product or service and it’s just a lot of talk with un-realistic conditions.
The Vaporooter Guarantee goes like this” If you have a blocked drain caused by tree roots after an application of Vaporooter, we will clear your blocked drain for free”
Listen to Kari tell about that Guarantee
“It’s a no brainer, I’d go Vaporooter!”

Tree root infiltration in sewer drainpipes

The search of warmth and humidity is part of the natural growth process of tree roots and the sewer pipelines seem to be a plentiful, accessible source that can aide the root development. The maturing process involves the splitting and growth of one cell at a time, which gives them access to microscopic fissures of the draining pipes.

After finding a small opening, the root can keep growing and enlarging the fissure, which may eventually lead to the pipe breaking open or to its blockage. The pipes made of clay or cement are more vulnerable to tree root infiltration as they are usually made up of many short pieces joined together and the linking areas are most likely to have small cracks.

Tree roots can either grow above the pipe and enter it from the top and sides or they can grow along the length of the pipe and fill the diameter of the pipe. Either way, once the root has invaded the pipe, the latter’s decay starts.

The traditional method of dealing with a sewage blockage and overflow is cutting the tree roots. This, however, is only a short-term efficient solution. In the long run, the cutting of the root produces its revitalization and it makes it an even stronger enemy to the drain pipes.

Years of research have led to a different, more efficient solution. A combination of herbicides and growth inhibitors has the desired long-term result. Sanafoam Vaporooter II softens and then kills the invasive roots, while inhibiting the future growth of new ones. The clearing of the pipes is not immediate, as the roots need time to naturally decay, but a retreatment can lead to a 99 per cent efficacy.

In addition, Vaporooter technology helps maintain the good functioning of the sewage systems through the restoration of the pipes. As the Vaporooter destroys the roots that invaded the pipe, the small opening cracks close under the ground weight. The treatment is valid for up to three years, thus having a long-lasting effect that can be reinforced with a retreatment.