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How can Vaporooter help save time and money?

Vaporooter eradicates tree roots in drains, while inhibiting their future re-growth. The cost saving is significant. The Vaporooter process provides a simple Guarantee “If your drains, treated with Vaporooter, have a blockage caused by tree roots, We will clear the blockage for FREE”

3 reasons to use Vaporooter

Hunter Dance, Business development manager at Douglas Chemicals, the manufacturer of Sanafoam Vaporooter II, gives 3 reasons to use Vaporooter Great advice Hunter! If you want to find out if Vaporooter will help you Stop tree roots in Drains Call 1800 637 600

Did You Know about Council Tree Roots in Drains?

Did you know most local Councils don’t have the financial resources $$$ to keep clearing tree roots from their ratepayers drains, without a rate increase. That’s a fact! The cost of having Council staff or plumbing contractors to keep cutting the tree roots from blocked drains is growing, along with the tree roots. The only cost effective way to maintain...

How much does Vaporooter cost?

By now you know that Vaporooter delivers results that are unmatched by any other method of tree root control in sewer pipes and you want to try it but 1 question remains. How much does it cost? So, with  your sewer service diagram and a good knowledge of your  property, measure the length of sewer pipeline from top to bottom, including...

Why do I need a Sewer Service Diagram?

A Sewer Service Diagram, drainage diagram or” helio” (for plumbers over 30 years old) is a map that shows where the sewer pipes run throughout your home, or commercial property. This sewer drainage diagram is available from Sydney Water, the Water authority in your capital city, a reputable plumber’s supplier or your local Council, depending on where you are in Australia! In...

Should I stay on Vaporooter? We have been blockage free for a year!

That is a great question! This 1.4 min video simply explains cost saving reasons to stay on Vaporooter!   It just makes sense. No matter where you are in Australia, if you have doubts about staying on Vaporooter, just ask us. Freecall 1800 637 600      

Symptoms of a blocked drain

As our summer rolls on and the easter break approaches and we get together with our family and friends, keep an eye out for some of those vital symptoms that indicate you have a slow or blocked drain. Make it a holiday break  to remember for the right reasons,  rather than needing to call an emergency plumber to rescue you...

Who is responsible for these drains?

Blockages and problems with drains occur no matter what type of building you live in. Most single or multiple level houses have their own drainage systems taking the discharge from all the plumbing fixtures within the property. The owner of this  property is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their pipes upto the point where his pipes join the council main. Rows of...