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Vaporooter. There are some setup costs

G'day! Its Dave Conroy I'm here today to talk about Vaporooter. There are some set-up costs if you are considering putting Vaporooter down your sewer pipes if you've got repeat blockages caused by tree roots. The setup costs are a one off thing And, what they include is putting a drain camera through your pipes to survey exactly what is...

Blocked Drain Solutions

STOP TREE ROOTS IN PIPES Substantial damage can be caused to your sewer system by the invasion of tree roots into the drain pipes which have been cracked as a result of natural settling, age or wear.  Trees are good at finding water and their roots can travel a hundred feet to get to the nourishment they need. Tree roots...

Tree roots don’t like wet feet

Tree roots in pipes don't like to be in water all the time. Fine tree roots grow through the top of the pipe joints and then down into the water flow. In permanently water charged ground, tree roots rarely appear in the sewer because they don't like to be continually immersed in water.

Why trees choose sewer over stormwater pipes.

Trees are more likely to grow into sewer pipes than stormwater pipes. Every day we use our plumbing sending that water and fertiliser combination along the pipeline for the trees and their root systems to drink their fill. BUT, stormwater pipes only carry water when it rains, which in this country is fairly unreliable. If I was a tree and...

Tree roots in drains start out small

Do you know how small tree roots are when they enter your sewer drains? Believe it or not, when tree roots enter your drains through small cracks in the pipe joints, they are finer than the hairs on your head or the purest Australian wool. Then, once they are in the cracks and pipe joints they multiply

When will you do my Vaporooter?

I just had a phone call from Deborah wanting to know when we are doing her 2017 Vaporooter treatment. Deb said "You usually come at the end of October" You've been coming every year since 2010. "Oh, my pipes aren't blocked but, I don't want to go back to those days with horrible sewage overflowing and my toilet won't flush"...