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Nightmare Christmas…will this happen to you?

Christmas is fast approaching…

…and I’ll let you in on a little “trade secret”…

…that I guarantee will make me very unpopular with a lot of emergency plumbers!

You see, Christmas tends to be a busy time for emergency plumbers getting called out to deal with blocked drains caused by tree roots!

Why?  Well when you think about it, blocked drains almost always happen at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME!

For example, at holiday times when the whole family is at home…

…and when you’re in the middle of a big get together, BBQ or party.

And when it’s an EMERGENCY or “after hours” you know that fixing the problem can be very costly.

Now, of course, at the “Lone Drainer And Pronto” we  provide emergency and after hours service and we know how to Stop tree roots in drains.

And our customers are very happy indeed with our service.  For example, here’s what Georgia Cleary in Sydney has to say…

“Thank you again for all your assistance (at all hours-weekends and whenever was required) over the past 10 years. You have dealt with some very difficult plumbing problems and always found a solution, without fuss and fanfare. This has been greatly appreciated.”

But my business philosophy is that we’re here to help you with the best and most cost effective solution for your plumbing and drain problems.

And in the case of tree root blockages in your pipes and drains…

…that means Vaporooter.

Vaporooter is the proven and effective solution that stops tree root damage…

…and continues to protect pipes and drains so you can sleep peacefully at night.

And it’s dead easy to make sure that you’re not at risk of having your Christmas ruined by tree roots causing blocked drains or (even worse) clogged sewers.

Get your pipes and drains checked out with our CCTV survey…

…the Vaporooter “Drainoscopy”.

It’s inexpensive and if you call now we can arrange to carry out the survey quickly.

Simply call me on 1 800 637 600.

If you have trees on or near your property, then you’re at risk of tree roots penetrating your drains and pipes and causing a blockage.

Why risk having Christmas ruined by an ugly drain overflow or similar problem?

Call me on 1 800 637 600.

Another Satisfied Vaporooter Customer

After several trials with various chemical products, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (GWMW) chose Vaporooter as its aid in combating drain pipe blockages and overflows and has successfully used it since 1989.

Vaporooter, a product of the RSP Environmental Services, is a mixture of herbicides, root growth inhibitor and foaming agent which softens and then destroys the live roots which intrude into the drain pipes and causes a blockage. The product also prevents other roots from growing by slowing down their development for almost three years.

GWMW has initially used the Vaporooter in its problematic areas, where drain blockages were frequent due to shallow sewers and close vicinity of the trees and sewage systems. After solving its immediate problems, GWMW has moved on to preventing blockages and maintaining the high-quality functionality of the draining system.

A great advantage of the Vaporooter is that its efficacy causes no negative side effects on the environment. The foaming process only affects the tree roots that intrude into the pipe and those very close to the pipe. But the rest of the trees and plants in the vicinity are not touched by this non-acidic biodegradable treatment.

RSP Environmental Services do not only provide the product and the technology, but they also assist their clients throughout the different stages of the foaming process. RSP offers its assistance to identify and solve the problems whenever they occur, although this implies higher costs and efforts for them. Just as Vaporooter involves an ongoing long-term process, the RSP honours its provider and aide roles to the client.