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Who can Help me Stop Tree Roots in Drains?

Vaporooter will Stop Tree Roots in your Drains!
It’s not a DIY process.

Vaporooter must be applied by a Certified Applicator to ensure

# The pipeline is suitable
# You have the right access to the pipes
# The job is done properly
# You get a Guarantee

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Neighbours tree roots in your pipes

Tree roots growing under the fence is multiplying the number of over the fence disputes between neighbours.
As trees mature, their roots spread and sometimes, go under fences and into neighbouring properties sewer pipes.
Periods of no rain will see tree root systems spread in all directions in their search.
Many homeowners without a single tree on their property will still get a blocked drain caused by tree roots from their neighbours’ trees, sometimes 2 or more houses away.
That is an inconvenience!
However, Vaporooter is a cost-effective way to stop tree roots in your drains and maintain neighbourly relationships.